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novembre 20 2007

Générateurs de texte: suite et fin...

Par colok Nouveautés

  1. Newspaper Clip Generator (write your own headliners)
  2. Newspaper Classified Ad Generator (write an obituary or stuff for sale)
  3. Antique Advertisement Generator
  4. Announcements Generator (bunch of people reading your bulletin, clipart)
  5. Hippo Announcer (make a 1890s advertisement, b&w)
  6. 1880's Newspaper Advertisement Geneartor (joker holding a sign with your ad)
  7. 1920's News Paper Ad Generator (hand holding a business card, clipart)
  8. Angry Guy Message Generator (make the guy who's full of rage tell it like it is)
  9. Happy Guy Image Generator (1950 style advertisement)
  10. Worried Guy Message generator (50s style ad, this guy looks a bit stressed out)
  11. Perfect Dad Generator (1950's father figure, change the texts)
  12. Hi Ho Granny Image Generator (1950s ad theme)
  13. * 1940s Pepsi Sign Generator (make your own cola advert)
  14. Newspaper Boy Selling Papers (change captions on papers)
  15. Cereal Ad Generator (60s style advertising)
  16. Your Own TV Advertisement (put your message on the "tube")
  17. Old Fashioned TV Show (change the text on this 60s television ad for "new" HIFI)
  1. BandAid Image Generator (cover a healing wound with your words)
  2. Make Your Own Drug Prescription (write your own medical prescriptions, fakes)
  3. Prescription Pill Image Generator (put a message on a capsule drug dose)
  4. Bottle Of Pills Generator (write your own med bottle label)
  5. Small Sample Pack Of Pills Generator (HAPPY PILLS)
  6. Medical Marijuana (change the message on the Zig-Zag rolling paper & weed/pot/reefer)
  1. Best Buy Logo Creator (make your own parodized logos)
  2. Your Name On Steelers Logo (put a short slogan or your name on this NFL logo generator)
  3. Intel Inside Logo Creator (make your own parody logos)
  4. F.B.I. Logo Generator (put your own text around the FBI logo, not an official FBI logo maker)
  5. Skull Logo Maker (a silhouette of a skeletal head like shape)
  1. * Milk & Cookies Sign Generator (left out for Santa's visit on Christmas Eve greetings)
  2. * Santa Claus Sign Generator (Santa's holding a cardboard sign, homemade Saint Nick suit)
  3. Personalized Christmas Decoration (customize the message on a Xmas tree ornament)
  1. Albert Einstein Chalk Board Generator (E=MC2 or your own theories)
  2. Bart Simpson Doing Lines On Chalkboard Generator (punishment on school's blackboard)
  3. School Blackboard Generator (plain blackboard, no frame, just slate and chalk dust)
  4. School Chalkboard Message Generator (write your words in chalk)
  5. Classroom Black Board (empty class, summer vacation)
  6. Homer's Wired Shut Mouth (Homer has to write on the chalkboard to speak)
  7. Cartman Chalkboard Genrator (South Park character)
  8. South Park Chalkboard Generator (Mr.Garrison & gay slave, change chalk text)
  9. South Park Blackboard Generator (this one has "Mrs. Garrison" in front of school board)
  10. White Board Generator (adult learning class, teacher is pointing to the dry/erase board)
  11. Whiteboard Generator (this one is placed in a building elevator)
  12. Projection Screen Generator (project your message on the wall or ceiling, LCD projector)
  13. Laptop Blackboard Generator (World's first laptop for schools, never crashes)
  14. Church's Chalkboard Generator (rewrite the hymns for next week)
  1. * Jessica Simpson Placard Generator (lost voice, celebrity's vocal rest period, Yahoo!)
  2. Kevin Federline Tshirt Generator (change the saying on celeb's Kevin's white tee-shirt)
  3. Bill Gates Comic Generator (Bill at some lecture about Microsoft products)
  4. Young Bill Gates Generator (Billy is posing erotically for you on his desk)
  5. Pamela Anderson Generator (celebs from scary movie)
  6. * Taylor Hicks Sign Generator (guy who won American Idol music, get his instant autograph)
  1. I Love You Card (gift card with roses and rose pedals, great for e-cards)
  2. Passing Love Notes In Class Generator (romantic secret notes, put your name on it)
  3. Candy Heart Maker (put your message on one of those "chalky" tasting candied hearts)
  4. Candy Hearts Generator (candy Valentine treats, customize the love words)
  5. Flowers & Card Gift Image Generator (make an invite to a party or just send a love ecard)
  6. Paper Holder & Desk Weight (heart shaped paper holder)
  7. I LOVE YOU Heart Generator (put your text into the heart, send your sweetie a lovely ecard)
  8. Romantic Love Letter Generator
  1. Web Award Generator (make instant web/blog awards, reward yourself)
  2. Movie Award Generator (similar to an Oscar)
  3. Baseball Trophy Geneartor (award yourself, engrave your name)
  4. Blue Ribbon Prize Generator (you could win, congratulations, anyone can)
  5. Diamond Award Creator (great to make your own web awards)
  6. Bronze Medal Generator (personalize your name)
  7. Religious Award Generator (engraved with your name)
  1. Monty Python Comic Generator (70s comedy BBC television series)
  2. * Linux Penguin Sign Generator (change text in the cardboard sign the Unix mascot is holding)
  3. * Dog Holding Sign Generator (cartoon of a dog with sign in teeth)
  4. * Cow Holding a Sign (switch around the letters to make custom quotes)
  5. * Norman Rockwell Sign Generator (a real classic, girl holding a piece of customizable paper)
  6. Doorway To Hell Generator (cartoon cel from Family Guy)
  7. Superman Hero Caption Generator (change the text in the comic book clipping)
  8. Superboy Comic Cel Generator (change the introduction to the cartoon story)
  9. Tin Tin Cartoon Generator (Montreal classic cartoon)
  10. * Simpsons Community Center Sign Generator (change the words on Springfield Centre sign)
  11. * Krusty Burger Sign Generator (see what deals are running this week, make your own)
  12. * Homer Simpson Road Sign Generator (Homer pointing to the speed sign)
  13. Homer Yelling Loudspeaker (he is shouting your message out loud)
  14. * Homer's Bomb Sign Generator (Homer sitting on a weapon, warning sign beside)
  15. * Homer Protesting Sign Generator (Homer is holding a sign in front of real Whitehouse)
  16. * Jimbo Jones Sign Generator (another Simpsons' character holding a sign)
  17. * Nelson Muntz Sign Generator (the Simpson's town bully holding sign)
  18. * Futurama Sign Generator (Leela is pointing to a futuristic sign)
  19. * Kenny Is Dead Message Generator (Kenny is impaled on a flag pole, change flag's saying)
  20. South Park Gang Generator (Cartman, Kyle, Kenny turned metrosexuals)
  21. * Patrick Character Generator (Sponge Bob character holding a sign with your messages)
  22. Cartoon From Iraq Generator (Arab man holding a sign)
  1. Tombstone Image Generator (mark the date of your own death)
  2. Gravestone Image Generator (make your own epitaph)
  3. Graveyard Marble Stone Image Maker (another death marker, change the name)
  4. Cheap Grave Marker Generator (just a basic granite stone over a grave site)
  5. Granite Monument Image Maker (War Vet/Veteran's monument & military airplane)
  6. Coffin Image Generator (personalize your own casket for burial)
  7. Zombie Holding A Scroll Generator (great Halloween e-card)
  8. Creepy Text Generator (another monster with scroll, black and white)
  9. Toe Tag Image Creator (bit morbid, make your own simple morgue toe tags)
//   PAPER PRODUCTS (office/school supplies, etc)   //
  1. Lots Of Paperclips Message Generator
  2. Post It Note Generator (jot your quick notes down)
  3. TO DO LIST Generator (make your list of things to do and not forget)
  4. Ringed Notepad Generator (write a list, poem, memo, etc)
  5. Hole Punched Note Paper Generator (write on 3 holed paper)
  6. Recycled Paper Notepad Generator (write quick memo notes)
  7. Antique Paper Scroll (write your message in the old scrolls)
  8. Aged Paper Text Generator (browned old paper almost like a treasure map, "antiquish")
  9. Olde Celtic Paper Generator
  10. Aging Paper Generator (black background, bent corners)
  11. Torn Paper Text Generator (tear in page reveals text)
  12. Handmade Paper Generator (write calligraphy styled writings)
  13. Old Postcard Generator (black knight on horse)
  14. Business Card Generator (hand held business card, add letters)
  15. Business Guy Picture Generator (photo of man in business suit and tie)
  16. Male Holding Clipboard In Arms Generator
  17. Working Woman Holding Clipboard Generator
  18. Computer Clipboard Generator (clips on to side of your Mac/PC monitor)
  19. Clipboard Note Generator (write your message on the clipped page)
  20. 3 Ring Binder & Paper (write a list of stuff, school is out soon for summer holidays)
  21. Cheap Memopad Generator (jot down memos, change paragraph)
  22. Leather Scheduler Generator (write your important things to get done)
  23. Box Lid Image Generator (ripped off the cardboard box, change the message)
  24. Pile Of Scrap Paper Notes (change the text on the top note)
  25. Pile Of Postcards (Change the blank one on top)
  26. Scrap Paper Message Generator
  1. Woman Can Poster Generator (World War 2 poster)
  2. United States Army Poster Generator (change the words on this US Army poster)
  3. Fight Club Movie Poster Generator (actor Edward Norton looks psycho)
/////   LABELS & TAGS IMAGE MAKERS   ///////
  1. Wine Label Generator (bottle of wine, change the text on the label)
  2. Wine Bottle Labeler (glass of vino, change caption on wine label)
  3. Your Own Record Label (produce your own vinyl album, be a record producer)
  4. Custom Cassette Tape (make your own band name on the label)
  5. Blank Floppy Disk Generator (write your own code)
  6. Name Tag Generator (one that you wear around your neck at trade shows)
  7. Nametag Generator (put your name on the name identity tag)
  8. Luggage Tag Generator (retuned to address if lost)
  9. Victorian Label Maker (18th century art certificate)
  10. Shirt Label Maker (stitch in your own brand name)
  11. Paint Can Label Generator (branding with your text)
  12. Pocket Protector Label (every computer geek needs one of these)
  1. Planet Earth Message Generator (just scribble over the lands)
  2. Surface Of Moon Writer (Earth is in setting in space/sky)
  3. Airplane Banner Generator (biplane pulling a banner)
  4. * Futuristic Sign Generator (3D CAD clipart)
  5. Optical Illusion Generator (change text, moving effect illusions)
  6. Optical Illusions Text Maker (circle with moving wavy lines effect)
  7. Coat Of Arms Generator (1600's clipart, print your family's shield)
  8. Atomic Bomb Message Generator (make a antiwar message, no nuclear weapons)
  9. The Matrix Message Generator (add your text into the Matrix)
  10. Cherubs/Angels Image Maker (create inspiration, inspirational image)
  11. * Real Estate Sign Generator
// RELIGIOUS IMAGE MAKERS (church sign generators) //
  1. Holy Scroll Generator or Bible Scroll Generator (same image, one turned sideways)
  2. Ancient Scriptures Generator (write on ancient handmade parchments)
  3. * Jesus Saves Sign Generator (old sign from road trip to South Carolina)
  4. * Bethlehem Motel Sign Maker (the birth place of Jesus Christ?)
  5. * Jesus Christ Panhandling (write your own words on the sign)
  6. * Jewish Rabbis Holding Protest Banner (change the lettering to customize your thoughts)
  7. Holy Words Generator (held out hands with inspirational messages)
  8. * Baptist Church Sign Generator (change the letters on the Baptist's church sign)
  9. * Church of God Sign Generator (another religious church sign generator)
  10. * Hanging Church Sign Generator (chain links holding up the sign, change the words)
  11. * Catholic Church Sign Generator (switch around the lettering to your needs)
  12. * Bible Church Sign Generator (rearrange the lettering)
  13. * Holy Mission Sign Generator (men's shelter sign run by the church)
  14. * Church of Christ Sign Generator (be blasphemous or be nice, you decide)
  15. * Simpsons Church Sign Generator (change the letters on the First Church of Springfield's sign)
  16. * Reformed Church Sign Generator (safe for work, SFW)
  17. * Church of Christ Sign Generator v2 (desc soon)
  18. * Gaylord Church Sign Generator (not very good quality, best we could find for "gay lord")
  19. * Original Church Sign Generator (rearrange the block letters in this Baptist religion sign)
  20. * Religious Temple Sign Generator (maybe monks or east indian)
// CLIPART SIGN GENERATORS (non realistic photos) //
  1. * Caution Label Maker (vector clipart of warning sign)
  2. * Hazard Zone Generator (construction zone clipart, yellow/black stripes)
  3. * Work Zone Clipart Generator
  4. * Road And Sign Gnerator (clipart)
  5. * Red Circle Sign Generator (another text to clipart maker)
  6. * Green Circle Sign Generator (clipart, not realistic)
  7. * Yellow Clipart Sign Generator (black border, yellow fill)
  8. * Watch Your Hands Warning Generator (clipart, hands caught in gears)
  9. * Danger Warning Clipart Generator
  10. * Radiowaves Warning Generator (clipart signage)
  11. * Laser Warning Label Generator (clipart)
  12. * Danger Zone Clipart Maker
  13. * Tire Rocks Warning Sign Clipart Maker
  14. * Stop Sign Image Generator (make more clipart)
  15. * Don't Touch Sign Generator (clipart creator)
  16. * Straight Ahead Road Sign Geneartor (just clipart maker)
  17. * Food Warning Label Generator (clipart sign)
  18. * Fake Wooden Sign Generator (clipart making, black/white)
  19. * Fake Sign Generator V2 (make cliparts, black and white)
  20. * Fake Sign Generator V3 (colored clipart, yellow sign, brown handle)
  21. * Keep Out Clipart Maker (red and white clipart sign)
  22. * No Entrance Sign Generator (big red dot, clipart)
  23. * Be Careful Sign Clipart Designer (carefully change the text)
  24. * Pink Sign Generator (clipart, not photograph)
  1. Rebel Flag Generator (clipart generating)
  2. Family Crest Generator (make a symbol for your family tree)
/// ADULT ONLY IMAGE MAKERS (must be 18 yrs+) ///
  1. * Naked Guy Cardboard Sign (sign is covering up the "goodies")
  2. * Naked Man Holding Sign (cartoon clipart version)
  3. * Babe Holding Sign Generator (bathing suit beauty holding circular signage)
  4. * Topless Woman Sign Generator (no nudity, all is covered)
  5. * *ADULT* Boob Sign Generator (not for kids, topless woman holding cardboard sign, made for adult guys or lesbians, brief nudity of breasts, not safe for work, NSFW)

  1. Scrapbook Maker (250 digital scrapbooking layouts, upload photograph, add text, etc)
  2. MAKE A LOGO (COOL TEXT EFFECTS, thousands of possibilities, make sigs/headers)
  3. Warning/Safety Sign Builder (print 1,000+ 500x300 pixel signs for workplace/office, samples)
  4. Dummies Book Cover Maker (4 styles, change the cover on the DIY learning book covers)
  5. Comic Strip Generators (1,500+ cartoon characters, from babes to political figures like Bush)
  6. Insult Generator (Flash movie, type a name to give jerks a custom URL & random insults)
  7. Tarot Card Name Generator (32 tarot astrology cards, from death to the devil)
  8. "Post-It" Note Generator (6 creative reminder notes for your site/blog, post your message)
  9. Garbage Pail Kids Card Generator (collector cards for kids, parody of Cabbage Patch)
  10. Smiley Generator (350+ happy face messages to personalize, bigger is better)
  11. Wallpaper Generator (500+ backgrounds, post notes to desktop or tag public computers)
  12. Blog Header Image Maker (500 headers to change, create title bars for your blogs)
  13. Confucius Says Generator (5+, make the Chinese wisdom prophet say your whimsical quotes)
  14. Nigerian Scam Placard Generator (5+ Nigerian scammers, they are known to pose for signs)
  15. License Plate Maker (1,000+ plates, put caption on your state/province plates Canada/USA)
  16. Presidential Seal Maker (text around the US president's "official" seal, controversial fun)
  17. Support Ribbon Generators (25+ causes, support a cause from American troops to gay pride)
  18. Garden Label Generator (make pretty/cute inspirational graphics, flowers to golfing)
  19. Famous People Message Generators (shoot the celebs game or make captions, 500+ faces)
  20. Glitter Text Effect Maker (600+ glitters, 200 fonts, make "bling sparklies" effects, txt2gif)
  21. Online Banner Ad Designer (ultimate banner ads creator, 20,000+ blank banners to edit)
  22. RSS/XML Button Maker (make nice/neat tiny 80x15 pixeled buttons for your site/blog buttons)
  23. Web 2.0 Buttons (100+ clickable button styles for your website or ebooks)
  24. Gamers Sig Generator (1,000 screenshots of classic gaming, memories of arcades)
  25. Arcade Games Pics (150 gaming/gamer imgs from MAME emulator bezel artwork)
  26. Avatar Maker (2,500 avatars, create custom square profile images on forums/blogs/profiles)
  27. Birthday Wishes (10+ send ecards for birthdays or make some party graphics)
  28. Show Your Love (10+ romantic ecard templates, use for Valentines or show affection)
  29. Virtual Flowers (15+ greetings with flowers, flower e-cards for mom or show romance)
  30. It's A Baby (announce baby shower or just make some cute clipart from 20+ templates)
  31. Celebrate The Holidays (20+ greeting cards for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, seasons)
  32. Safe For Kids (40+ images that children would like, personalize your child's name)
  33. Danger Label Maker (50+ fake sign styles, dangerous sayings & safety labels for home/office)
  34. Warning Label Generator (simple danger type signs, 100+ designs, design hazard labels)
  35. Square Sign Generators (fake sign clipart creator, lots of colors to choose, many fonts)
  36. Your Country's Flag Message Generator (choose from over 220 world countries, made in PNG)
  37. Country Flags Banner Creators (220 worldwide flags, make free banner ads for sites/blogs)
  38. Skeleton Bones Logo Maker (script breaks word into letters, displays clipart per letter)
  39. "I LOVE" Generators (50 kinds, create banners/buttons/titlebars with the "IYGENERATOR")
  40. Watermark Creator (put custom captions on any online JPEG or GIF to copyright web image)
  41. Barcode Creator (make custom barcodes, few styles to select from, barcode39/UPC, etc)
  42. SIRD Stereogram Maker (like the "Magic Eye" pics you must cross your eyes for)
  43. Anti-Spider Text Hider (make text "unGoogleable", hide text in pics, avoid web crawlers/bots)
  44. Email Sig Creator (converts text to *.PNG, mask/protect/hide emails from spam robots)
  45. Flash Sign Generators (75 old school *.SWF format, great for MySpace, hot-linking allowed)
  46. Monopoly Card Generator (make your own Chance or Community Chest cards, 12 designs)
  47. Make Your Own Sign Generator!


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